Curtains by Vescom


Dim out


Our Bedra dimout collection is one of our most popular Vescom curtain fabrics. Bedra blocks 99% light from entering a space due to its highly dense warp. It has a smooth texture with a subtle sheen and is the same colour on both sides, allowing for uniformity of colour within interiors. Washable up to 50 degrees, it is a durable option with a luxurious look.

Weight: 782g/m1
Width: 295cm
Shrinkage: Warp: -2.5% weft: -1.5%
Colourfastness to light: (scale 1-8) 6
Accoustic Rating: Alpha w 0.7
Composition Detail: 100% flame retardant polyester
Fire Certificate: Flammability index 1
Minimum Order: 10 l/m
Bedra Card is located in our Curtain 02 binder