Curtains by Vescom


Carmen features an architectonic rib with a subtle gloss. Its colour palette comprises nine minimalistic colours with neutral tints of black, grey and copper. Despite its transparency and light weight, this fabric has an acoustic rating of 0.05 alpha w and absorbs five times more than traditional transparent curtain fabrics.
Weight: 136 g/m1
Width: 150cm
Shrinkage: Warp: 0.3% weft: 0.3%
Colourfastness to light: (scale 1-8) 5-6
Accoustic Rating: Alpha w 0.5
Composition Detail: 100% flame retardant polyester
Fire Certificate: Flammability index: 1
Minimum Order: 10 l/m
Carmen Card is located in our Curtain 03 binder