The Star

The Star is a world-class resort with world-class amenities and entertainment. Themed suites are one-of-a-kind experiential spaces with a focus on high-end finishes. Because of its unrivalled combination of durability and elegance, Vescom Vinyl Wall Covering was chosen for the Star Themed Suites.


The Star


Schiavello Construction & Steelman Partners


Star Entertainment Group


The Star

"The architectonic feel is fitting to the cutting edge nature of this unique spatial experience”

The Star has built three themed rooms that serve as experiential spaces for private parties and visits, a first for Sydney's high-end hotel accommodation. The Cyberpunk Suite, pictured, aims to build a science fiction themed utopia for the tech savvy. It's an escapist experience wrapped in otherworldly luxury. Tonga, a Vescom Vinyl Wallcovering with a futuristic metallic sheen, was used in the suite to add texture and a futuristic metallic sheen.

The vinyl in the Tonga series is of the highest quality, making it the most durable. The collection's durability was a key factor in its selection for this project. Its holographic quality complements the neon lighting throughout the room, creating a holographic effect that suits the luxe cyberpunk aesthetic.

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