Melbourne Airport

The high use zone of airport walkways are victim to many scuffs, bumps and scratches that paint cannot sustain. Our Protect Wall coverings by Vescom are extremely heavy duty and suitable for heavy commercial use.


Melbourne Airport




Melbourne Airport


"The Vescom+Pro wallcovering has allowed for the maintenance of the space to be more efficient”

Melbourne Airport needed a way to avoid having to constantly repaint their walkways due to scratching and scuffing. Vescom's Pleso + Protect wall coverings were the ideal solution. Because of its stain resistance, the vinyl wall covering is a great choice for a public space with a lot of foot traffic. It also has an extra protective surface coating that protects it from dirt, chemicals, and bacteria.

The Vescom Protect wallcovering has made space maintenance easier by allowing scuffs and marks to be easily cleaned rather than repainting and patching. The woven cotton backing of the Protect Vinyl Wall Covering also mitigate the risk of noticeable wall damage common at airports due to impact from trolleys and suitcases.

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