Innovation meets familiarity, say hello to the new vinyl wallcovering SILA


Sila's understated but classy exterior conceals high-level ingenuity. Although it resembles a woven fabric, something intimately familiar to us all, Sila's structure highlights Vescom's unrivalled in-house expertise and cutting-edge technological processes; the wallcoverings ultra-thin composition and superfine embossment shine a light on Vescom's capabilities in 3D design development. 


"Sila is a durable vinyl wallcovering with the natural glow of linen"  


Sila's 25 colour ways exude the freshness of spring, with gentle pastels and vivid tones that could have been picked from fields of marigold or lavender. While mossy and grassy greens sit alongside bluer tones that resemble the aquamarine of an undisturbed lake and the mellow tints of a distant highland scene.


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