Why to specify Vescom for your contract interiors


As humans, we are drawn to tactile, aesthetic material that enhance our experience of space. In contract interiors, however, architects and designers must take more than aesthetics into account. They also need to consider a material's performance, both from a regulation point of view - is it flame retardant, for example? - and in terms of longevity. After all, a new interior should look as good as possible for as long as possible. For this, we look to Vescom, where function and performance meet design-driven material solutions. 

Come with us as we highlight but a few reasons why you should incorporate our Vescom products into your contract interiors. 


Confidence Certified - Products fit for purpose for fire ratings, durability & performance

Developed from a human perspective while meeting strict international contract market standards, Vescom's products combine all the benefits of an extremely durable and long-lasting material with contemporary, attractive aesthetics. Even offering customisable colour and print options to provide the perfect fit for your projects. With superior clean-ability, their products are the ideal solution for this safety conscious and hygiene-vigilant times we find ourselves in, providing a solid option for those who wish to capitalise on its functional benefits while also considering their impact on the environment. 


Extensive curated collections with colours and structures for every space

The rich array of materials and colours across Vescom's entire product range are perfect for adding layer upon layer of luxury to high-end Hotels, Hospitality and Health Care projects. Filled with various structures, colours and designs - some resemble luxurious tactile textiles, while others provide slick and super-hygienic surfaces. With our collection of Vescom wallcoverings, curtains and upholsteries the choices are endless, making them suitable for a multitude of applications and atmospheres. Add colour, structure and identity to your walls, play with transparent or block out materials to adjust any space with ease, and introduce a plush addition of welcoming warmth to interior furnishings with our upholsteries. 


Strong and durable

With a range of products on offer that are highly wear-resistant and lasts the test of time, Vescom provides contract interiors with solutions that hold their own in high traffic areas. Vescom's colourful and ultra-durable upholstery fabrics, Acton, Rolla and Dikson, are perfect for intensive contract use. While Vescom vinyl wallcoverings provide an attractive yet incredibly durable wallcovering solution, with a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, outperforming the likes of paint and glass fibres. 

Flame retardant and colourfast to light

To meet the strict technical requirements of the global contract market, Vescom products undergo both in-house and external testing. Suitability for contract use, including its level of flame retardancy and how well the colours resist fading when exposed to light, are of high importance. Ensuring all products maintain their lustre for years to come. 


Environmentally friendly - A healthy, conscious choice

Vescom wallcoverings are made in an environment-friendly production process, working under a controlled and certified ISO 14001 environmental management system. They are 100% CO-2 neutral, using exclusively green electricity & gas. Their vinyl wallcoverings are made using an environmentally friendly in-house production process that has a low VOC emission (Environmental Product Declaration report available on request). Durable materials like quality vinyl last longer and require less upkeep. Lasting 10-15 years with relatively little maintenance ensures minimal impact and more sustainable than alternatives. Vescom wallcoverings are 100% recyclable and use water-based inks, with their vinyl films made phthalate-free. In addition, Vescom is a member of VinylPlus, an initiative started by the International vinyl processing industry to promote the sustainable production and use of vinyl.